The Instruments in Our Toolchest

Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss all of the resources available to modern believers who want to grow in their knowledge of hermeneutics, systematic theology and church history.

The Lens We Look through at God

Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss how our experiences and willingness to study scripture will create a particular lens through which we understand God’s law and nature.

Shining Glory or a Bloody Cross?

Gary Wilkerson

Are we following a theology of glory or a theology of the cross? The difference may seem small, but it’s incredibly significant for the power and efficacy of our faith. 

In 1518, the government of Germany had a problem. The Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian had just died, and his successor needed to be decided with the help of the Pope. However, a noisy monk named Martin Luther was causing a stir with some controversial theological debates.

The Mystery of the Trinity

Dr. Vern Poythress joins the Gary Wilkerson Podcast to explain how having the right understanding of God’s attributes can help us to understand who he is.

Spiritual Leadership

Church leaders in America are increasingly operating in a culture like what Daniel experienced in Babylon. They are facing pressure to succumb to social expectations and demands for entertainment. In this session, John Bailey discusses how believers and pastors in particular can find the strength to stand strong against the world.