reading the Bible

Four Ways to Study the Bible

Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss four different ways to learn more about God’s person and commands in his great letter to humanity.

What Exactly Is Hermeneutics?

Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss what exactly hermeneutics are and how every Christian should know how to use this biblical discipline.

How to Read Scripture Deeply

Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss how Christians should approach God’s Word and the tools or methods available to help illuminate scripture.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Undisciplined

How do we learn from others who are more spiritually mature while also learning what our unique spiritual gifts are? This week, Evan Wilkerson and Brittani Ryals join Mark Renfroe to discuss spiritual discipline as well as what strengths and struggles each generation brings to this topic. How do we bring joy but also self-control to disciplines like prayer and reading the Bible?

We Do Not Live on Bread Alone

If we want to get to know God and grow spiritually, then we need to develop a daily discipline of spending time with God in his word.