The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss the scriptures’ complex understanding of not being attached to money without espousing the ascetic’s life either.

How Do We Remember the Poor?

John Bailey and Mark Renfroe explore why the Bible makes caring for the poor so imperative and how we practically accomplish this today.

The Heart Behind Animal Banks

World Challenge Staff

The UN estimates that, since the COVID pandemic, an additional 100 million people has been pushed into poverty.

World Challenge works with partners in many poor communities around the world, and we have witnessed daily wage laborers struggling to make ends meet in the face of instability and joblessness. Considering how to respond to such need, we have sought to implement a variety of income-generating initiatives to foster self-sustainability.

Showing the Father's Love to At-Risk Children

Recent studies have found that nearly 19 million children in the US are growing up with only one parent, and that over one fourth of these single parents are wrestling with poverty. Today, we’re joined by guests from Father’s Love, a ministry who work primarily with children from low-income, single-parent homes. They are following a great calling to help families connect with each other and God.

Food and Love for Our Neighbors

Rachel Chimits

Local ministries are reaching out to the abandoned and ignored in the United States with food and community.

Every Friday, World Challenge’s partners in Florida, Sharing Hope, prepare lunches and pack bags of groceries with canned goods, fruit, vegetables, bread and pastries. They also prepare 50 bags of children’s lunches with hot dogs, juice, fruit and other goodies.