One Need at a Time

World Challenge Staff

While our partners were addressing a community’s need for water, God brought other needs to their attention too. 

In Macedonia’s capital city, Skopje, many public squares and parks are marked by beautiful sculptures of mothers, fathers, daughters and sons. Two of my favorites are purportedly Aleksandar and his father.

The Call to Spread God’s Word in Macedonia

Rachel Chimits

God is reviving the church in one of the oldest homes of Christianity through individual stories like this one.

About 19 years ago, Jimmy felt like he was being called to Macedonia.

His parents were pastors in Nigeria, and he had briefly spent some time abroad in Eastern Europe, but nothing about this call God was urgently placing on his heart made logical sense.

A Vision for Macedonia

While many younger people are fleeing the Balkans, God is calling one World Challenge scholarship student and others like him back to their homeland.

I come from east Macedonia, and I was raised up in a Christian family. All of my life, I’ve known who God is. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was eleven and then baptized in water when I was fifteen.