God's plan

A Time to Thrive

God’s Plans for You Have Not Changed

This season has been one of pandemic, protests, riots, political upheaval and economic uncertainty.  The immediate fear may have subsided, but many now live with a troubling uncertainty. Some struggle with isolation, others with health, others with loss of work and keeping their families afloat. Amid all of this, they still don’t know what next week will bring or what their long-term future will be.

The Lord Longs to Move in Your Life

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

Jesus was performing amazing miracles! He cast out a legion of demons from a demoniac; a woman was instantly healed of a hemorrhage that had plagued her for years; a twelve-year-old girl, the daughter of a Jewish ruler, was raised from the dead. Whenever Jesus performed such mighty works, he told those he delivered, “Your faith has made you well” (Mark 5:34; 10:52; Luke 7:50; 8:48; 17:19; and 18:42).

When God Is Not on Our Side

Rachel Chimits

Sometimes we step up to claim a promise or following a calling God gave us but suddenly feel like he’s absent, so why isn’t he supporting us?

Right after Moses passes the mantle of leadership to Joshua and he in turn leads Israel into the Promise Land, a strange interlude is recorded.

God Has a Plan for Your Battle

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

Multitudes of Christians face indescribable problems every day — physical pain, emotional suffering, financial struggles. They worry, “This is all too much for me to handle. How will I ever make it?” The truth is, not one of these terrible things has surprised God. He has foreseen every awful thing that would ever happen to humankind, including every crisis and problem we face today. And the Bible tells us God wants to show us how to face them all.

When We Are One of the Unnamed

Rachel Chimits

Defining what is service to God can be difficult, especially when we’re not in a quintessential Christian position or relatively unknown, so what counts in God’s eyes?

The deacon Philip was what we might consider a very, very “good” Christian. He preached in Samaria, exorcised evil spirits, then evangelized to the Ethiopian eunuch and was teleported off by the Holy Spirit.

Achieving Your Wildest Dreams

Gary Wilkerson

We all have hopes and dreams, but some of us have stopped dreaming because of past hurts and letdowns. Proverbs 13 tells us that hope deferred makes the heart sick but a dream realized brings life. Pastor Gary Wilkerson shares how God is making his dreams come true in the areas of faith, family, friendships, finances, fitness, food, and fun.