The Parable of The Marriage Feast

Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West unpack the depth of God's invitation to salvation, emphasizing the Christian’s duty to share this gift with the world.

A New Generation’s Questions

In this episode, John Bailey is joined by Evan Wilkerson who shares how his journey back to faith inspires his work to answer the burning questions of young people about God and the Bible.

Making True, Biblical Disciples

In this episode, John Bailey is joined by Joshua West to discuss why discipleship is so important but also how the church can balance outreach with tending to the hearts of their own people.

Leaders Walking alongside Addiction

In this episode, John Bailey is joined by Joshua West, director of the pastors network, to discuss how leaders who come out of a background of addiction can recover and grow as well as how church leaders can walk alongside those who are struggling with addiction.

The Power of a Good Mentor

John Bailey and Mark Renfroe discuss how to find a good mentor and the qualities needed to be a good mentor to others.

The Father who Adopts Orphans

World Challenge Staff

One woman’s tragic loss has been met by the heavenly Father who provides and yet also meets us in our grief.

“Malawi continues to face a severe epidemic,” USAID noted, “There are an estimated 1.1 million Malawians living with HIV and over 771,000 orphaned children, many due to AIDS.” While medical measures have increasingly helped stem the spread of HIV and better the lives of those already living with it, countless families have already been severely impacted by the disease.

Inspiring the New Generation

World Challenge Staff

Today, we are used to having the freedom to choose what we want to do in college. Sometimes we fail, but we have a second chance to do things better. Most importantly, we can follow our dreams.

For many people in Albania during Communism, however, none of these things were true. The lack of this freedom directed the course of their life. For some, this reality could feel crushing; but our hope is in God, who sees the desires of our hearts and fulfills them in his perfect time.