The Soul-Piercing Power of God

Roger Hayslip

Reaching Muslim Nations with the Good News

Two men stood face to face in the small store, eyes locked in a stare-down.  Assam*, a fierce young ISIS warrior, stretched out his arms to reveal a suicide bomb strapped to his body.  Samir*, the store owner, knew this day would eventually come.  He had a legal right to run his Christian bookstore in this predominantly Islamic country.  But Assam snarled as he clutched the detonator, “You infidels are ruining my people with your false teaching.”

Calmly, Samir replied, “Go ahead if you must.  You can go to your God, and I am not afraid to meet mine.  But first I want you to read this.”  He pointed to a plaque with these words: “Love is patient, love is kind…[it] does no harm to anyone, always believes the best and hopes the best.  True love never dies.”

With a glance at the passage—from 1 Corinthians 13—Assam froze.  Then suddenly he bolted from the store yelling, “I am not done.  I will be back to kill you!”  Days later, Assam did return—this time bewildered.  He told Samir Jesus had come to him in a dream.  “I want to know this Jesus,” Assam wept, “the One who makes you unafraid of me.”

Samir introduced the young man to Christ and has discipled him ever since.  Assam is now a cheerful Muslim-background follower of Isa (Arabic for Jesus).  He risks his life daily to fulfill his new calling: to reach his people with the gospel.  He’s found the Good News of Jesus is starkly different from the hatred he was taught.

The gospel will always be at the forefront of World Challenge’s mission.  And in strife-torn regions like this one, your gifts help us partner with local ministries to support humble servants such as Samir to bring Christ’s truth and love to the world’s most unreached people.  Stories like Assam’s take place across the Islamic world, from Africa and Asia to the Middle East, thanks to support from faithful partners like you.  If you would like to help, donate using our secure online form. And thank you for your prayers and support to see Jesus’ love demonstrated to those who don’t know him!

*Not their real names.  For our ministry partners’ security, we don’t release names or locations in highly sensitive areas.