Sharing Hope Ministry - Ocala, Florida

Roger Jonker

Why are you so passionate in helping the poor?

Their answers were all similar in nature.  “I knew what it was like growing up poor.” “I wasn’t as poor; however, I know the feeling and understand what it was like to go hungry.” ”Love for the children.” This was the standard reply I received from many of the volunteers. 

John Morales admits that when he first started feeding the poor with World Challenge’s Raven Truck Ministry in NYC he had a negative attitude towards the homeless. He projected the behavior of a few of those that were engaged in hustling onto all homeless people. Once he got personally involved with the homeless population his attitude changed.

John Morales, upon retiring to Florida, immediately went to task encouraging those in his local church to start an outreach to the poor and needy. Currently, there are 40 (mostly senior citizens) that volunteer through the Sharing Hope Ministry. What a blessing to see an underutilized resource being recruited to fulfill Matthew 25:35–40. Many of the volunteers are widows and widowers that are lonely and feel they are rendered useless due to age. Helping the poor provides them with something worthwhile to do and provides fellowship, as well. Most of the volunteers are on fixed income and have limited funds to purchase food on a weekly basis. What they do have to offer is time. On Friday mornings, volunteers prepare homemade soup, hot dogs for the kids, bread, and bag food items to be delivered in the afternoon. They deliver food to those in need at various motels, mobile home parks and shut-ins. Many of the recipients, besides receiving food, are prayed for. 

World Challenge considers it an honor to assist Sharing Hope Ministry with funds to purchase the food. It was a joy to witness so many seniors engaged in helping others. If you would also like to help, use our secure online donation form and keep Sharing Hope Ministry in your prayers.