• Satisfied Sinners


    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    We are conditioned to believe, almost subconsciously, that sin is not our own fault. Whether we blame it on other people or culture or childhood, we are more than happy to blame anyone but ourselves. David Wilkerson reminds us to take a now look at the way we think about sin and repentance.

  • The Vision


    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    In this powerful prophetic vision from April 1973, David Wilkerson saw economic confusion, persecution, rebellious youth, natural disasters and more coming upon the earth as the birth pains leading to the birth of God's kingdom. The true follower of Christ need not fear because God has everything under control.

  • Power Over Sin


    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    The struggle against sin is every Christian’s battle, but it is not one we can fight alone. It is only by trusting completely in Christ, by resting in his goodness, that we find find total victory over the sin that tries to enslave us. In this sermon, recorded in 1968, David Wilkerson speaks to the power over sin that is available to every child of God.

  • A Baptism of Love


    David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

    In this powerful message from 1968, David Wilkerson exhorts us to examine our hearts to see whether we have received a baptism of love in the Holy Spirit. True godly love will give not expecting anything in return, and as spirit-filled Christians we are commanded to love and bless even our enemies. Ask God, today, to baptize you with a selfless love for others.

  • Handling Opposition

    Dive into a transformative session with Daniel Bentley at the 2024 Fire in Our Bones conference in San Diego. Bentley's sermon, filled with deep insight and fervent passion, calls believers to remember the Lord amidst opposition, to rekindle their spiritual fervor, and to stand firm in their faith. Drawing from the life of Nehemiah, Bentley teaches on the inevitability of opposition, the power of prayer combined with practical action, and the importance of remembering God's greatness in every battle. This sermon will inspire you to fight the good fight of faith, armed with the truth that our labor in the Lord is never in vain.

    Key Points from the Sermon:
    • Opposition is Inevitable: Bentley emphasizes that facing opposition is a guaranteed aspect of pursuing God's will, citing Nehemiah's challenges in rebuilding Jerusalem's walls as a testament to this truth.

    ª Prayer and Action: He highlights the necessity of both spiritual and practical responses to challenges, demonstrating how Nehemiah prayed to God and took concrete steps to protect his people.

    • Remember the Lord: The crux of Bentley's message is a powerful reminder to always remember God's greatness and faithfulness, especially in the face of fear and discouragement.

    • The Importance of Community: Bentley underscores the significance of surrounding ourselves with faith-filled individuals who encourage and uplift us, rather than those who spread negativity and fear.

    • Fighting from Victory: He encourages believers to fight their battles from the standpoint of victory, assured by Jesus' triumph over death and sin.

  • Urgent Call: Live the Gospel

    At the 2024 Fire in Our Bones Conference in San Diego, Francis Chan delivers a passionate message, urging Christians to reignite their passion for God and his Word, embracing the power of the Gospel. Filled with both challenge and encouragement, this powerful sermon will leave you inspired to live out your faith with renewed purpose.

    Key Points:
    • The need for a spiritual awakening in the American church.
    • Challenges faced by modern-day Christians and churches.
    • The importance of personal commitment and discipleship.
    • A call to action for Christians to live out their faith authentically.

  • The Anointing

    The account of King Saul, the prophet Samuel and young David has important implications for modern church leaders. In this session, R. T. Kendall discusses the lessons that God has for pastors in this particular historical account of Israel’s leaders. Believers, especially leaders, must come to terms with the fact that we all have a measure of faith and limits on our giftings or anointings. It’s a humbling recognition that every leader must return to repeatedly throughout their career.

  • Loose Hands

    Tim Dilena

    "Loose Hands" is an inspiring sermon delivered by Pastor Tim Dilena at the 2024 Fire in Our Bones conference in San Diego, focusing on the essence of true worship beyond the confines of music and song. Drawing from the poignant words of Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom, "I have learned to hold all things loosely so God will not have to pry them out of my hands," Dilena challenges believers to approach God with open hands, ready to surrender all. Through biblical narratives, including the profound act of worship by Abraham in Genesis 22, Dilena defines worship as an act of obedience and surrender to God's will, emphasizing the importance of allowing God to speak into our lives and remove any rivals for our devotion.

    Key Points:
    • Worship as Obedience: Worship transcends singing and music, fundamentally embodying obedience to God's directives.

    • Surrender and Sacrifice: True worship requires holding all things loosely, ready to give up whatever God asks, mirroring Abraham's willingness to sacrifice Isaac.

    • Removing Rivals: Worship involves letting go of anything that competes with our allegiance to God, ensuring He remains our foremost priority.

    • Loose Hands as a Worship Posture: Embraces the metaphor of loose hands for surrender, indicating readiness to receive from God and let go as He leads.

    • Listening for God's Voice: Highlights the critical aspect of worship where God speaks to us, guiding, correcting, and commissioning us for His purposes.

  • A Call for Help

    Nicky Cruz

    "A Call For Help" is a powerful sermon by Nicky Cruz, addressing the challenges and realities of ministry and the transformative power of God's intervention in the darkest moments. Drawing from his extensive experience in ministry and personal encounters with spiritual mentors like David Wilkerson, Cruz underscores the relentless struggle and the profound need for divine guidance in serving God's purpose. He uses the story of Elisha and the desperate plea for divine intervention in a time of crisis as a metaphor for the contemporary need for God's presence in ministry and personal life. Through vivid personal anecdotes and biblical references, Cruz emphasizes the importance of being a beacon of hope and a conduit for God's voice in a world rife with spiritual confusion and moral decay.

    Key Points:
    • Ministry Challenges: Cruz shares candid insights into the hardships faced in ministry, debunking the notion of a trouble-free service to God.

    • Divine Intervention: Highlighting the story of Elisha, Cruz illustrates the critical moments when seeking God's guidance is imperative for overcoming challenges.

    • Spiritual Mentorship: Through his relationship with David Wilkerson, Cruz showcases the impact of spiritual mentorship in navigating the complexities of faith and ministry.

    • Unwavering Faith: Emphasizing the need for steadfast faith and obedience, Cruz calls for a relentless pursuit of God's will, even in the face of adversity.

    • Call for Revival: With a passionate plea for revival, Cruz urges believers to seek God earnestly for renewal and empowerment, highlighting the desperate need for spiritual awakening in America and beyond.