Restoring Hope in Louisiana

Roger Jonker

The recent flooding in Louisiana has affected over 40,000 homes and has caused the local government to declare disasters in twenty communities. We recently sent team members to see what we can do to help. Though the amount of devastation caused by the flooding is great they came back with wonderful reports of local churches meeting the needs of their neighbors. One pastor who was so moved to impact his community had already led his church to “show up every fifth Sunday of the month with work clothes and tools as they have church in the neighborhood” As much as natural disasters can devastate the lives of our neighbors, we know that God grants his body the opportunity to go and bring His love to their lives. 

Our team met a precious grandmother whose van had been flooded. She needed it repaired to be able to take her little granddaughter to the hospital due to ongoing heart problems. Draining the gas tank and oil to get the water out and replacing a few parts they were able to get it running again. When they prayed for her and told her there would be no cost she wept and knew immediately that she had a friends in the church and a place to go every week. Through such terrible circumstances the compassion of Jesus' body can help bring hope and relief to lives. 

Though we will stop hearing about the flooding on news reports and our daily reading, the lives affected will be dealing with it for the year to come. World Challenge plans to partner with the local church, pastored by long time associate Tim Dilena, to help meet the needs of the many affected by this tragedy. How can you help? Prayer is essential in all things. Please remember to pray for the communities impacted by the flooding and as well as for the family of God meeting needs while there own lives have been turned upside down. If you are able to give financially, your generous gift will help bring needed supplies, construction and relief to those in need. You can securely give via our donation form.