Relying on God in Your Struggle

Gary Wilkerson

Some of you have been battling a habitual pattern of sin for a long time. You’ve prayed; you’ve cried; you’ve hoped for freedom; you’ve fasted; you’ve been through counseling; you’ve confessed it to friends; you have an accountability group.

But that thing is still like a thorn in your heart. It’s coming against you powerfully, and you’re wondering, “When will I be free from this?”

Well, I would suggest to you that this thorn may be born out of an Absalom attitude in your life. This attitude is when we lose our complete trust in God, when we’re suddenly not sure if he’s sufficient. This is when we no longer say, “Whatever hardship I’m going through, I’m going to rely utterly on my Lord.”

Perhaps you’re not realizing how much God has done for you already, that he loves you so much, that on the cross he won the victory, that his power is sufficient for you. God is saying, “Hold on! It is working for you, but you feel like this is working against you, so you’ve allowed a rebellious Absalom spirit into your life.”

If you want to be free from that habitual pattern of sin in your life, you must deal with the Absalom attitude and say, “God, I’m going to trust you. I’m going to believe in you and walk with you no matter what.”

When things seem to be withheld, it’s for our own good. The trials and testing’s of your faith are working to bring you into greater reliance on God in your life. They are set before you to help you grow in maturity, steadfastness and strength. Trust in God’s goodness and purpose for your life!