My Prayer for Las Vegas

Gary Wilkerson


"There is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery, they employ violence so that bloodshed follows bloodshed. Therefore the land mourns and everyone who lives in it languishes" (Hosea 4:2-3a).

Let us all take some time to pray for the families grieving over such horrific sudden loss of their loved ones. We mourn and languish with them. In times like these, it is the task of the politician to attempt to legitimize ways to decrease such instances. It is the task of law enforcement to attempt new means and methods to discover and disrupt future attacks. But as people of God, we hold a power that the world cannot offer. We have a God who hears and who acts on behalf of those prayers. If ever a change is needed, it's now and prayer changes things.

We agree together, Lord. Heal our land; stop the plans of the evil one. Cause every wicked and malicious intention to come to naught. We now agree together that our prayer of faith will cause discovery of wicked plots, the change of plans of those intending evil. We pray for those in law enforcement to have godly insight, wisdom and skill in their vital task. And we pray together now for those who are in such unbelievable pain at the loss of a loved one in Las Vegas. Amen.

We add to our prayer, actions that God calls forth. This coming year, we will be conducting urban outreaches across America. We will preach the gospel of peace. We know we will see many saved and we pray as a result of Jesus coming into hearts that the peace of Christ will be coming in greater measure to our cities. Our ministry started on the violence-filled streets of New York and we saw miracles such as Nicky Cruz’s salvation. This coming year we will be joining with Nicky Cruz to pray for peace as well as to preach the gospel of peace.