Widows & Orphans

Widows & Orphans

The Widows and Orphan Fund exists to fulfil James 1:27, as well as numerous other commands in the Bible to care for Widows and Orphans. World Challenge, in obedience to the Word, reaches out to these severely impoverish and abandoned people groups with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. This is carried out practically by the careful selection of needy individuals through our local partners. These partners often utilize a network of local church volunteers to visit, share the gospel, bring to church and meet practical daily survival needs such as food, medicine and shelter for the widow and orphan. In addition, job training and income generating programs are provided to help participants find a measure of self-sufficiency.

The two hurricanes that hit Nicaragua in November 2020 did not loom large in the news, tragically overshadowed by the world’s occupation with the

World Challenge’s partners are offering help and hope to widows in the war-torn villages of Ukraine.

When tragedy strikes, we are often tempted to believe that God doesn’t love us, but World Challenge’s partners in Peru are working to show the Lor

World Challenge’s partners are working to build a meaningful community for widows in northern Egypt.

World Challenge’s partners in Ukraine are supporting a widow with an incredible history of fighting to keep the church alive.