Hope and Light in the Ukraine

Roger Jonker

Bruce and Deborah Crowe along with their 8 children are full time missionaries to the Ukraine but also minister in Belarus and Russia, regularly. They have lived in the Ukraine for 8 years and feel called to bring the gospel to the former Soviet Union.

They live in an extremely poor area and with the major upheaval of the past few years most continue to suffer economically. Pensioners are somehow expected to survive on less than $40 a month. The winter months are very hard for Ukrainians, especially widowers. 

Last year, with the support of World Challenge, Inc., they began feeding and ministering regularly to 25 local widows through their Lighthouse Ukraine Outreach Ministry. The food packages the widows receive are literally life and open the heart’s door to the love of God like no other time they’ve seen. The Crowe’s and their team, which includes partners from local churches, are determined to not just feed these widows, but to visit and pray with them.  It has been incredibly fruitful, and they now feed over 40 of the most needy widows in their town. Many have prayed with our leaders, and hearts are genuinely being touched by the love of God.

Through the sponsorship of World Challenge, they have been able to double the widows’ food allowance through meeting the most basic provisions. They also provided large letter Ukrainian Bibles to each widow. It’s truly a testimony to the gospel’s power not just to the widows, but the entire region as they see what the unified church is doing and its effect on Kingdom efforts.  

Thank you on behalf of the gospel and His work in Ukraine for partnering with us.