God’s Hidden Army

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

Something very powerful is going on in the world today. God is doing a hidden, quiet work, something so supernatural that it is beyond human comprehension. He is preparing a small but powerful army that is going to be the most dedicated on the face of the earth. The Lord is going to close out the ages with a pure, devoted, fearless remnant.

All my life I heard stories of our godly forebears, men and women who spent hours, even days, in fasting and prayer. They knew God’s voice and they had the power to successfully stand up against evil in their day.

These godly forefathers have passed on but God is in the process of raising up another army. This new army will be composed of believers both young and old — ordinary Christians who lay hold of God. A whole new realm of ministry is about to come forth!

The denominational church system appears to be in the throes of death, possessing almost no influence in the secular world, no mighty power of Christ. Growing numbers of ministers are falling, and worldliness continues to creep into the church of Jesus Christ. The devil is claiming victory, as more and more pastor’s race down the road of compromise and corruption.

Yet the Bible says we are not to fret! God has a plan and it is being manifested. He is hearing the cries of his children who have given themselves totally to him. People will run to find them, crying, “I know you are someone who touches God . . . and I need God to touch me!”

Beloved, God wants to make you a part of his hidden army! He wants to give you a ministry to others who come to you with their burdens and trials. When you spend time with him, you will be able to stand up with spiritual authority and say, “Thus says the Lord!” because you have been listening to his voice.