God’s Favor in All Seasons

Gary Wilkerson

Do you have a struggle in your life you’ve never been able to shake? You wonder, “Can I really find joy in the Christian life? Will I be in this battle forever?”

I enjoy counseling people. I get absolutely blessed when I see someone set free by Christ’s Good News, finally able to enjoy life. Nothing satisfies like the sight of a spiritually crippled person finally healed and springing forward into life with new hope, joy and faith.

This does not come easily, however. The conflicts we all face every day are serious because the challenges of life in a fallen world never stop. Satan works constantly to obscure God’s work in our lives. At any given time, even the most devoted Christian can find himself teetering on the brink of unbelief.

I knew a great couple whose faith was challenged by a report regarding their young son. When he was in second grade, they were told he had a severe learning disability. They were advised to remove him from school and start training him in a trade so he could eventually earn a living. While accepting the situation on one level, they were inspired to declare in faith, “We don’t accept that this is God’s plan for our child.” They kept the boy in school and told him over and over, “We believe in you,” as they spent long hours working with him. Through diligence, perseverance and faith, this child became a good student, graduated from college and now pastors a thriving church.

God actually uses our difficult seasons to prepare us to receive the blessings of his favor. This is a powerful truth and despite grievous circumstances, he is with us in everything, no matter how dark our situation.

You can be assured of God’s favor: “No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).