Coming Together in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Jim Palumbo

The incredible charity we are witnessing as people come together in the wake of hurricane Harvey’s devastation is praiseworthy. Citizen heroes are performing unbelievable feats of selflessness to save lives, and keep people safe.

One of our board members (on the right) went to survey the aftermath and lend a hand where possible. He caught up with these brave boat captains from south Texas who took time off of work and trailered their boats to Houston at their own expense to rescue people from flooded neighborhoods. After this photo was taken near Buffalo Bayou, they loaded their boats on trailers, answering a call for help from officials in nearby Katy, Texas.

This hearty soul brought his old military surplus truck from the ranch to help transport victims out of flooded neighborhoods—and first responders in. Volunteers with small boats were ferrying residents from their homes to the truck. Once the truck was full it would transport the folks to high ground. The truck owner and the boat owners had never met, but everyone worked as a team to rescue those in need.

Please continue to pray for the victims of hurricane Harvey. We know that many of our faithful supporters live in affected areas. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of you. If you live in the area affected by hurricane Harvey please contact us. We want to help in whichever way we can.