Savior, Healer and Lord

Richard Grangaard

God revealed himself as the divine and loving healer to a woman and her grandson and, as a result, many of her neighbors.

Dina was from a very poor Hindu family in Bangladesh. She knew about Christians because she had met World Challenge’s partners in her city and been introduced to their church. Her family had been Hindus for several generations, though, so why should she change this longstanding tradition?

That said, when World Challenge’s partners offered classes on finances, she attended and then decided to join a savings group.

The group was encouraging and friendly, but on the home front, Dina was troubled. Her one-year-old grandson, Nabil, was suffering from severe allergies that were causing an itchy rash all over his body. Dina was determined to find help for Nabil. 

The Healing God Named Jesus

Traditional Ayurvedic doctors visited Dina’s home to help Nabil. They performed exhaustive examinations of the little boy, palpitating his arms and legs and performing auscultation, which is using a stethoscope to listen for sounds made by internal organs to aid in the diagnosis of certain disorders.

Nothing the doctors tried brought Dina’s little grandson relief. Nabil’s condition was becoming worse and worse as the days went by, and the miserable toddler cried much of the time and wasn’t able to sleep at night.

The savings group that was helping Dina with her finances also held a prayer time during their meetings. The time got Dina thinking, and after the meeting, she invited one of the volunteers to visit her house and pray for her grandson.

Three days later, several volunteers from the savings group went to Dina’s home to listen to her and care for her family. They told her, “Jesus Christ loves you, and he can solve your problems and heal your grandson. Do you believe it?” 

Dina affirmed that she did indeed believe. They all bowed their heads and prayed for Nabil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Only God Who Answers

The very next day, Nabil’s irritated skin began to look better, and he was able to sleep well that night. 

Within a few days, the little boy was completely healed from his allergic reaction, and he started playing and eating like normal. He is now a very happy toddler, and who could be more grateful than his family? Dina has shared the story with her savings group and thanks Jesus for his recovery. 

Through this wonderful work of God, a good relationship has formed between World Challenge’s partners and Dina’s family. Volunteers are regularly sharing scripture with her and going to her house to pray. Many other families are now asking our partners to visit them to pray for their needs too, and the team goes from house to house to share the love of God with people who hunger to know the real God who heals.