The Gift of Food and Prayer

Benjamin Demblowski

God continues to move and provide for people in Cuba who are enduring a particularly harsh season of life in the wake of COVID-19. 

The recent pandemic is far from gone or forgotten in Cuba. Harsh government restrictions and lack of resources for those who caught COVID resulted in a large protest last year. The Miami Herald reported, “The severe punishment of protesters and recent laws and regulations passed by the Cuban government to quash dissent have created a human rights crisis that helped set in motion one of the largest exoduses of Cubans since Fidel Castro took power in 1959, a Human Rights Watch report concluded.”

In a nation where there is a palpable oppression and many freedoms we might take for granted are absent, our partners are seeing the light and power of the gospel break through. The church is being enabled and inspired by the Spirit to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people.

No Longer Alone at Home

In the middle of COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to rage in Cuba, an elderly women wondered how she would eat for the day much less the rest of the month. She was forbidden to leave her house under penalty of large fines and imprisonment. Even if she could venture away from home, most grocery stores were just plain empty.

Just as she was feeling the overwhelming darkness of her circumstances envelop her mind, there was a knock at her door.

One of our partner’s neighborhood volunteers had heard that this woman needed help with groceries. Earlier, they were able to secure permits from the local authorities to travel in their community and drop off food supplies to those who were in most need. This group did everything from sharing and delivering food they had grown in the community gardens to making homemade masks and teaching about the prevention of COVID-19.

All the while during their rounds through the neighborhood, they took prayer requests and encouraged those stuck in their homes with the truths of scripture.

A Light in Dark Places

A delivery of much-needed food and company can do a great deal to heal loneliness and fear. With this kind of care, a door often opens in people’s hearts for the gospel.

Because of your support and prayers for our ministry, there are community people who are serving those of greatest need in places where it is very difficult to go. The community transformation ministry in Cuba continues to provide light and hope in otherwise dark and ominous circumstances.

This hope is not just for those who are unable to help themselves, but also for those who are looking to make an impact in their own communities. This light shines brightest for Jesus in those places that experience the darkest circumstances.