A Chain of Loss Redeemed

Rachel Chimits

Those who have experienced tremendous loss are finding God’s heart of compassion and healing within the church.

World Challenge’s partners, Triumphant Mercy, in Lebanon met Nadira when she passed in front of their window at the new community center. She stopped and chatted with the center’s workers, asking them what they do. She started to share her grief and hopelessness, so they invited her to join their trauma healing group that had just started.

“I never imagined that this much misery could happen to one person,” one of our partners said. “Born in 1951, every wrinkle on her face tells a story. Behind her blue eyes is hiding a huge amount of loss and sorrow.

“It took seconds to transform her life from joy to sadness, from light to darkness. This is the story of Nadira.”

Three Funerals in the Family

Three years ago, the whole family came home from a funeral of a relative in the mountains. Nadira had gone to the kitchen to prepare coffee when she heard a loud noise as if something heavy had been dropped on the floor. She ran to check what had made the sound.

Her son George was laying on the ground breathless. She called an ambulance, but it was too late. He passed, and she didn’t even have time to say goodbye.

He was 26 years old. He was a hard worker, successful in his job, loved by his friends and family. He was the main provider, and the whole family was devastated. “The wound is so deep,” our partner explained. “She can’t finish her story without stopping many times to take a deep breath and wipe away her tears.”

Days before his death, George had given his mother a gift of money so that she could purchase something nice for herself. She hadn’t had the chance to buy anything yet, and the money remained as a haunting reminder of her son’s generosity and now absence.

George’s father couldn’t cope with the grief, and he passed away only nine months later. A month after her husband’s death and less than a year after her son’s abrupt passing, Nadira’s mother also passed away, taking her last staunch and consistently present moral support.

The Comforter of Our Souls

Nadira has one more son, Elias; but he has been grappling with his own griefs. Elias and his wife of ten years have been unable to have a child. Medical attempt after attempt to find a solution to the infertility failed, and eventually, the couple had no more money to spend on treatments, medicines and doctors.

Elias and his wife gave up hope, and a small spark went out in Nadira’s heart too.

“During the trauma healing meetings, we share about joyful memories,” our partner shared, “and Nadira brought out a photograph of herself that someone took of her at a wedding. I took a photo of her while she was showing us how beautiful she was when she was young. She was so confident and happy, and as she shared good memories that brought a smile to her face, her eyes started to sparkle.

“This lady stole our heart. We’re doing whatever we can to see her smile again. Every time we see her, we pray and ask the Lord for redemption, to comfort her soul and bring joy back to her heart.”

Nadira never misses a gathering and has become much more open in sharing her heart. The team has started talking with her about God, and Nadira has joyfully begun attending a weekly Bible study.

Join us in praying for God to bless Nadira, all the precious ladies who are in the trauma healing group and the team leading them in Lebanon.