Aid to Mudslide Victims in Peru

Roger Jonker and Agustin Ciccia

Heavy rains in Peru recently triggered deadly mudslides, destroying entire villages. Many villagers watched helplessly as their lives were completely washed away in mere minutes. The disaster could have meant total devastation and despair. But thanks to your gifts of support, World Challenge (WC) was able to bring hope to a landscape of despair.  Here’s a look behind the scenes at how your support worked to help those facing total disaster. 

A WC ministry partner on the ground in Peru called our offices, alerting us to the disaster and requesting help.  Thanks to the regular generosity of WC donors, funds were readily available to supply urgent relief.  A bus was hired to deliver a load of supplies—food, water, canned goods, crackers, cookies and other non-perishable items—to isolated areas where traumatized villagers remained vulnerable.  The heavy rains had flooded out parts of roads along the way, however, and at one point the bus had to stop.  From there, donkeys were rented to carry the supplies while the ministry team led them on foot up the mountainside.  

Finally, the supplies arrived to relieved and grateful villagers.  Among the supplies was a massive load of plastic tarp to cover damaged homes that hadn’t been completely destroyed.  Flashlights were also distributed to provide light until electricity could be restored.  Then, as soon as the weather cleared, ministry workers returned to help rebuild huts for those left homeless.

Thanks to God’s blessing and your gifts of support.  Without that support, help like the supply delivery to victims of the Peru mudslide could not take place.  Thank you for extending the love of Christ to many in need!