Shining the Light of the Gospel in the Darkness

In 1958, David Wilkerson, a country preacher, risked his life and followed the call of God to preach the gospel in New York City among gangs, addicts and violent bloodshed. He wanted to shine light in the darkness and see captives set free.

This legacy of sacrifice continues today as we take the uncompromising gospel of truth, grace and unshakable hope to those who are lost, broken, abandoned, addicted, sick, poor and without hope.

We're not the only ones about the Father's business so we empower and equip pastors, church leaders, and missionaries to bring transformation wherever they're called. We're dedicating to training, supporting and investing in those who lay down their lives for the gospel—those unknown by the masses who sacrifice everything so that the poor and unreached hear the truth.

We believe the gospel transforms individuals, families, churches, communities, generations and nations.