Ukraine Crisis

An Update on Our Response to the Crisis


While the war in Ukraine goes on, World Challenge’s partners have been able to reach and help thousands of widows and refugees. They have moved people at the edge of conflict zones to safety, provided shelter for those whose homes have been destroyed and offered prayer and spiritual comfort to those in distress. Thank you for your support and prayers that have made this work possible!

An Update from the Ukraine


Responding to the Ukraine Crisis


The rapidly escalating conflict in Ukraine is an opportunity for the worldwide church to unite, allow the Spirit to move and further the work of the gospel.

World Challenge is currently supporting church leaders in Ukraine and Russia who feel called to stay despite the dangers and continue to proclaim our God’s powerful gospel. You’ve probably seen videos of believers worshiping in Kiev’s subway tunnels as they take shelter from bombs. Many of our partners there have reported continuing to meet for prayer and Sunday services despite eminent danger. So much about their situation is uncertain, and we’re trying to send them as much support as possible right now.

This assistance will also extend to those churches in surrounding countries that are taking in families fleeing the conflict. Other ministries will help shelter children and the elderly, two groups who are particularly vulnerable in refugee camps. We have also been invited to work alongside Slavic churches and leaders in the United States, to support them in any way we can and be inspired by their powerful faith in the face of this present darkness.

Join us in prayer for our Slavic brothers and sisters in Christ! If you feel so called, consider giving so we can continue to bring emergency relief to our partners and be the Lord’s hands and feet for those who are affected by the current conflict in Ukraine.

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