Truth & Grace with John and Mark


Truth & Grace with John and Mark

Living, loving and leading in a broken world.


  • Endings and New Beginnings

    John Bailey and Mark Renfroe discuss how this season of their podcast is closing and what comes next for them both.

  • How Do We Remember the Poor?

    John Bailey and Mark Renfroe explore why the Bible makes caring for the poor so imperative and how we practically accomplish this today.

  • The Power of a Good Mentor

    John Bailey and Mark Renfroe discuss how to find a good mentor and the qualities needed to be a good mentor to others.

  • Finding Strength to Stay

    Pastor and author Natalie Runion joins John Bailey to honestly discuss questioning Christianity and challenging church culture.

  • Anchored to Christ in the Storm

    John Bailey and Mark Renfroe discuss how people with true peace have found a way to acknowledge hardship and yet center themselves around God.

  • Deconstructing Faith

    Evan Wilkerson joins Mark Renfroe to discuss deconstructionism in the Christian community, especially in the younger generation.

  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Undisciplined

    How do we learn from others who are more spiritually mature while also learning what our unique spiritual gifts are? This week, Evan Wilkerson and Brittani Ryals join Mark Renfroe to discuss spiritual discipline as well as what strengths and struggles each generation brings to this topic. How do we bring joy but also self-control to disciplines like prayer and reading the Bible?