Overcome the Past

Nicky Cruz

After you make a decision to follow Christ, there will then be things from your past you're going to have to face. Sharing from his own personal experience and pulling from the life of Jephthah, Nicky Cruz shines a light on finding freedom from your past by the power of God in your life.

Sin is the Smoke Pointing to the Fire of Woundedness

Many believers discuss their sins and problems in very specific terms like anger, worry, doubt. They think these sins are at the core of their struggles, but that usually isn’t true. Our sins are more often symptoms of deeper heart issues. When we wrestle with a sin over and over without victory, it’s almost always because we aren’t getting to the root of the problem.

Getting Healed

Gary Wilkerson

Many of us have been wounded. The Bible has promised us freedom, but often it feels like we’re still held back by scars. Pastor Gary Wilkerson talks about how God uses truth to set us free from the damage in our past, but how God also allows the snake to be in our garden. The automatic question is “Why?