Worldwide Issues

Why Do I Not Belong?

World Challenge Staff

We often feel strangely at odds with the world around us, and yet God must have put us in this place for a reason, so how do we resolve this tension? 

A 1998 movie called City of Angels features Nicolas Cage as an angel who falls in love with a human woman. As an angelic being, he apparently has no sense of taste, smell or touch and only gains these after he becomes mortal in order to have a romantic relationship with this woman.

A Viral Fear: Responding to the Coronavirus

Rachel Chimits

When worldwide issues begin to fill the news and rattle the public, how should Christians respond to these crises?

Fears have begun running rampant ever since the explosion of COVID-19 cases in China’s Hubei province.

News feeds have become clogged with articles about the quick spread of this new variety of human coronavirus. Photos and videos showing medical personnel in isolation hooded coveralls, masks and goggles have only heightened the general public’s alarm.