The Power of a Good Mentor

John Bailey and Mark Renfroe discuss how to find a good mentor and the qualities needed to be a good mentor to others.

Why Is Forgiveness So Hard?

This week, John Bailey and Mark Renfroe talk about the process of forgiveness even when forgiveness feels impossible.

If We Could Go Back in Time…

World Challenge Staff

God gives us an incredible, living resource with which to navigate life, but we have to discover what it is and allow ourselves to be changed in the process.

One of the most venerable science fiction series in the Western world is Star Trek. Most people, even if they’re nowhere near a ‘Trekkie’, are at least passingly familiar with Captain Kirk, Spock, “Live long and prosper” and the famous Vulcan salute.   

A Letter to My Younger Self

This week, John Bailey and Mark Renfroe look back and talk about the advice they would give to their 20-year-old selves.