Goodness Overcoming Evil

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss spiritual evil and the goodness of God as well as how those two aspects of the supernatural intersect with believers’ ordinary lives. Scripture is frank about the existence of spiritual forces, but how should we interact with them?

An Honest Assessment of ‘Good’ People

World Challenge Staff

Although they obviously never met, Sigmund Freud, agnostic and slightly demented psychologist, agreed on one point with the eminent theologian John Wesley: people are terrible.

Freud made an admirable, life-long habit of responding personally in letters to anyone who wrote him, even if they were not a fan. Pastor Oskar Pfister was a friend of Freud’s, but he also qualified as a critic. While he agreed with some of Freud’s psychoanalytic philosophies, others disturbed him.

The Goodness of God

The Attribute that Blesses Us Wholly

God’s goodness simply can’t be nailed down. It transcends our understanding, yet it blesses us in every moment of our lives. His goodness can’t be defined, yet we know its truth through scripture and the Spirit’s witness. How can any human being ever get their head around the awesome goodness of God?