Loose Hands

Tim Dilena

"Loose Hands" is an inspiring sermon delivered by Pastor Tim Dilena at the 2024 Fire in Our Bones conference in San Diego, focusing on the essence of true worship beyond the confines of music and song. Drawing from the poignant words of Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom, "I have learned to hold all things loosely so God will not have to pry them out of my hands," Dilena challenges believers to approach God with open hands, ready to surrender all. Through biblical narratives, including the profound act of worship by Abraham in Genesis 22, Dilena defines worship as an act of obedience and surrender to God's will, emphasizing the importance of allowing God to speak into our lives and remove any rivals for our devotion.

Key Points:
• Worship as Obedience: Worship transcends singing and music, fundamentally embodying obedience to God's directives.

• Surrender and Sacrifice: True worship requires holding all things loosely, ready to give up whatever God asks, mirroring Abraham's willingness to sacrifice Isaac.

• Removing Rivals: Worship involves letting go of anything that competes with our allegiance to God, ensuring He remains our foremost priority.

• Loose Hands as a Worship Posture: Embraces the metaphor of loose hands for surrender, indicating readiness to receive from God and let go as He leads.

• Listening for God's Voice: Highlights the critical aspect of worship where God speaks to us, guiding, correcting, and commissioning us for His purposes.