Handling Opposition

Dive into a transformative session with Daniel Bentley at the 2024 Fire in Our Bones conference in San Diego. Bentley's sermon, filled with deep insight and fervent passion, calls believers to remember the Lord amidst opposition, to rekindle their spiritual fervor, and to stand firm in their faith. Drawing from the life of Nehemiah, Bentley teaches on the inevitability of opposition, the power of prayer combined with practical action, and the importance of remembering God's greatness in every battle. This sermon will inspire you to fight the good fight of faith, armed with the truth that our labor in the Lord is never in vain.

Key Points from the Sermon:
• Opposition is Inevitable: Bentley emphasizes that facing opposition is a guaranteed aspect of pursuing God's will, citing Nehemiah's challenges in rebuilding Jerusalem's walls as a testament to this truth.

ª Prayer and Action: He highlights the necessity of both spiritual and practical responses to challenges, demonstrating how Nehemiah prayed to God and took concrete steps to protect his people.

• Remember the Lord: The crux of Bentley's message is a powerful reminder to always remember God's greatness and faithfulness, especially in the face of fear and discouragement.

• The Importance of Community: Bentley underscores the significance of surrounding ourselves with faith-filled individuals who encourage and uplift us, rather than those who spread negativity and fear.

• Fighting from Victory: He encourages believers to fight their battles from the standpoint of victory, assured by Jesus' triumph over death and sin.