A Heart After [God]

Join Gary Wilkerson as he deep-dives into the first 12 chapters of the Psalms to foster a heart after God. All episodes will be released on January 17th. Sign up beforehand for access to a free digital study guide.



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Psalm 1 - Righteous Prosperity

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson talks about how righteous believers prosper, not necessarily materially but spiritually. While hardship is almost guaranteed in life, anyone who is firmly rooted in Christ will have an abundance of joy and strength throughout their trials.

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Psalm 2 - Trusting God in Times of Crisis

How do we move forward and still trust others when we see the world enveloped in crisis and when authority is acting in contradictory or unreliable ways? Gary Wilkerson explores how the Bible answers this question and offers us hope through psalm 2.

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Psalm 3 - It May Look Like I Am Surrounded

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson discusses how important it is to be honest about our pain and struggles to God as well as within the church and our community. Psalm 3 opens the door on how to not be ashamed of our troubles or shortcomings and how to be open about our heart condition.

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Psalm 4 - Demolishing Distress

What is one of the most important chapters in the Bible? It’s arguably psalm 4 because it touches the very nature of evil and the heart of the conflict that believers find themselves in the world today. Gary Wilkerson walks through the ways this psalm teaches believers how to fight back in faith.

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Psalm 5 - Watch What God Will Do

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson talks about how believers can respond when the situation they hoped would be overcome or past lingers on and they continue to struggle. He shows how this psalm addresses our heart-deep weariness after prolonged seasons of hardship and how God addresses that pain.

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Psalm 6a - The Goodness of God in Deferring Deliverance

Why does God allow certain types of difficulty or suffering to stay in our lives, despite all of our prayers for relief? Why does God sometimes not heal us from illnesses? Why does he not grant our prayers for freedom from certain sins? Gary Wilkerson explores the weight of these questions and how the Bible gives us an answer.

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Psalm 6b - The Holy Spirit’s Healing Power

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson returns to the rich text of psalm 6 to examine how God is a miracle-worker and has compassion on his children. The Bible and history have thousands upon thousands of examples of God miraculously moving on the behalf of his people, so how do we have faith in this aspect of our Heavenly Father?

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Psalm 7 - Overcoming Accusations and Wounds

Most believers are familiar with the scriptures that caution us against judging or condemning others, but how should we respond to having others attack us? Gary Wilkerson walks through how psalm 7 discusses the reality of feeling personally assaulted by those who wish us harm and how to overcome.

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Psalm 8 - God Loves Using Small Things

Gary Wilkerson talks in this episode about how worship is vital for our spiritual health because it draws our attention to God’s work through the most insignificant seeming parts of our lives. As we pay closer attention to God’s goodness, we will see the truth of scripture’s profound statement “the battle belongs to the Lord.”

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Psalm 9 - When the ‘How Long, O Lord?’ Is Finally Over

What should we do when we’ve had our hopes dashed so many times that we stop praying for God to deliver us? Gary Wilkerson explains how God desires for us to be honest about our disappointments and pain but that he also wants us to remember his past deliverances so that we wait with great expectation for him to move.

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Psalm 10 - Is God Absent?

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson tackles the question of “Why does God seemingly allow evil people to go through life unscathed by so many of the problems that earnest believers grapple with regularly?” He unpacks how God and psalm 10 directly address the pain and confusion of this issue.

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Psalm 11 - In the Dark

The darkness of the world can feel utterly poisonous when we’re confronted with the full depravity of sin. Through psalm 11, Gary Wilkerson addresses how the horrors of sin should turn us toward God. There we will learn to trust the Lord who defeats all evil and who gives us the strength to endure and overcome.

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Psalm 12 - Born into a Battle

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson shows how psalm 12 is a reminder of how all believers are part of a spiritual battle. We are meant to take an active part in this conflict, and that means confronting anything that tries to plunder our relationships and spiritual calling of life, health and power.

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