God’s Process for Peace - Part 2

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The life of King Jehoshaphat may well be among the most underrated accounts in the Old Testament. Even through times of personal danger and political turmoil, Jehoshaphat chose to trust in God. In part two of this series, Keith Holloway looks at the example of God's process for peace found in the book of 2 Chronicles 20.

Key Points from the Podcast

  • In our times of difficulty, we can rest in God’s promises. Our trials may seem overwhelming, but they will not overcome us.

  • God is fighting for you. The Lord is with you. You do not need to be afraid or discouraged.

  • We don’t have to wait until we have victory or deliverance to bow our heads, raise our hands, and worship God. We can praise him in the middle of our storms.

  • When the people in 2 Chronicles 20 began to praise God, he began to move against their enemies.

  • There is a biblical prosperity that is not to be feared. It is not worldly prosperity. When we praise God, he can’t help but bless us.

  • Our enemies will fear when they see that God fights on our behalf.

Bible Verses Referenced in the Podcast

2 Chronicles 20:15–30; Psalm 43:5; Psalm 1; Deuteronomy 28:1–2

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About Keith Holloway

Keith Holloway has been with World Challenge for 26 years holding various positions. He is currently the Senior Director of Leadership Development. Keith is a Bible teacher and Community Health and Evangelism (CHE) trainer, facilitator, and a member of the Global CHE Network’s Representative Council. He and his wife Maureen live in Colorado Springs; they have six grown children and ten grandchildren.