Eliezer’s Example of Faithfulness

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There's an easily forgotten story in Genesis about Abraham and his servant Eliezer. It might not be among the most well-known accounts in the Bible, but it offers a snapshot of who God is and how he sees his people. This week, Press On Podcast host Keith Holloway takes a close look at what it means to remain faithful to God.

Key Points from the Podcast

  • After we have placed our faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins, we must live faithful to God and his Word.

  • There can be a misconception among Christians that our works can make us righteous before God and earn God’s favor.

  • Your leadership skills and abilities alone cannot bring you success in God’s kingdom.

  • We cannot advance in the kingdom of God based merely on our association with others who are truly blessed by God.

  • Just as Abraham sent his faithful servant Eliezer to find a bride for Isaac, the son of promise, God sends us, his faithful servants, into the world to find the bride of Christ—to reach others and bring them into God’s family.

  • Eliezer focused on obedience more than the blessings of any potential inheritance.

  • Eliezer believed Abraham’s word of assurance that God would support him in life and his mission.

  • A faithful servant will be fully committed to their task despite obstacles and opposition.

  • Eliezer didn’t keep his blessings for himself but used them to fulfill his mission.

  • Fear did not inhibit Eliezer from going into enemy territory to carry out his task.

  • The everyday routines of life, though they may seem mundane at times, should not hinder our faithfulness to God.

  • Eliezer humbly prayed for the success of his mission, not for himself, but for those he was serving.

  • When God has called us to a task we should look expectantly for God’s supernatural leading and be expeditious in following it

  • As faithful servants of God we must wait with discernment for God’s timing.

  • Eliezer recognized God’s blessing and worshiped before his prayer was fully answered.

  • As servants of God, we must humbly remember that he is Lord and master.

Bible Verses Referenced in the Podcast

Genesis 4:1–11; Genesis 10:8–12; Genesis 13:5–11; Genesis 15:1–6; Genesis 24; Matthew 5:16

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Keith Holloway has been with World Challenge for 26 years holding various positions. He is currently the Senior Director of Leadership Development. Keith is a Bible teacher and Community Health and Evangelism (CHE) trainer, facilitator, and a member of the Global CHE Network’s Representative Council. He and his wife Maureen live in Colorado Springs; they have six grown children and ten grandchildren.