Hungry to See God Move

Leaders helping leaders to grow – part 1

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Pastors looking for resources online can find an overwhelming number of sites clamoring to comment on methods that they need to succeed. World Challenge’s leadership team has a heart to minister to pastors and encourage them toward a passionate fire in the Spirit rather than trying to offer them more tips and tricks. In this initial episode, John Bailey and Gary Wilkerson discuss their heart for this podcast and the practical tools they’re offering to leaders.

Key Points from the Podcast

•  Trying to grow as a pastor or church leader can be very difficult if we’re constantly looking at what’s working for other churches and leaders rather than tuning in to what God is instructing us individually to do.

•   What are the most pressing needs of church leaders that have become evident at World Challenge’s pastors conferences? Many leaders are reporting being blessed by the conferences, but there is still more work to do to minister to leaders in the church.

•  Why is guidance and community so important for church leaders in our current cultural climate and with the issues facing the modern church?

•  Rather than focus as much on church growth, leaders should redirect their focus into the depth of their sermons and spiritual maturity of their church.

About John Bailey

Pastor John Bailey serves as the Chief Operating Officer at World Challenge. John came to know Christ in jail after some difficult struggles as a young man, and God has done a powerful work of transformation since! Spending 13 years in Next Gen ministry, he excelled in discipleship and helping young leaders discover giftings to serve God. John was called next to serve as a missionary and pastor in Western Europe. John and his family then returned to plant the Springs Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, the church is a thriving body of believers excelling in outreach and missions. John has now brought his giftings and vision to World Challenge, accelerating the spread of the gospel in America and around the World.

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