Building a Forgiving Church

Explore the nuances of fostering a forgiving congregation with Pastor John Bailey and Kevin Ramsby. This episode unpacks the complexities of forgiveness within church dynamics, addressing common challenges like unresolved personal grievances and the pathway to creating a church known not just for being forgiven, but for actively forgiving.  

Key Points from the Podcast

 ·     Miraculous Survival and Ministry Formation: Kevin Ramsby shares his story of surviving a violent home invasion, being stabbed 37 times, and how this led to the creation of his ministry, Fight to Forgive.

 ·     The Importance of Forgiveness in Leadership: The episode underscores the critical role of forgiveness in effective leadership, especially within church communities, highlighting how leaders must embody forgiveness to inspire their congregations.

 ·     Creating a Culture of Forgiveness: Ramsby discusses strategies for building a forgiving church, emphasizing that forgiveness should be at the heart of church dynamics and conflict resolution.

 ·     Forgiveness as a Path to Freedom: The discussion illustrates how forgiveness offers spiritual and emotional liberation for both the forgiver and the forgiven, contributing to personal and community healing.

 ·     Practical Steps to Encourage Forgiveness: The podcast provides practical advice on navigating forgiveness in a congregational setting, including confronting offenses and promoting reconciliation.

 ·     The Universality of Forgiveness: Ramsby's work with individuals on death row to CEOs showcases forgiveness as a universal need, transcending societal and situational boundaries.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

 ·       Fight to Forgive website

About Kevin Ramsby

 Kevin Ramsby is the founder of FightToForgive, an evangelistic outreach ministry dedicated to leading people towards forgiveness and reconciliation through Jesus Christ. He is a national speaker and the author of "A Fight to Forgive." Ramsby's ministry was born out of his own harrowing experience of being attacked and stabbed 37 times in his home by an intruder high on drugs. Despite the physical and emotional scars from this violent encounter, Ramsby chose the path of radical forgiveness towards his attacker, a journey that transformed his personal and spiritual life. He now shares his powerful story of forgiveness and healing to inspire others, including communities, congregations, and even death row inmates, emphasizing the liberating power of forgiving as God, through Jesus, forgave.

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About John Bailey

Pastor John Bailey is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at World Challenge. After giving his life to Christ in the Tampa City jail, John felt that the Lord placed in him a great hunger to know Christ and study God’s Word. John spent 12 years discipling young leaders and was then called to pastor and evangelize in Western Europe for 10 years.  

In 2011, John, his wife, Crista, and two children returned to Jacksonville, Florida to plant The Springs Church. After over a decade of ministry in Jacksonville, John was invited by Gary Wilkerson to come and serve at World Challenge. Today, John gives vision and direction to World Challenge as well as serving as a keynote speaker, author and conference speaker. His life’s purpose is to seek a genuine awakening of God’s Spirit in America and around the world.

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