BEST OF: Revival Starts in the Heart

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How can we determine if revival is genuine? How may we be discerning without becoming cynical? This week, Joshua West joins the Gary Wilkerson Podcast to discuss how believers can tune our spirits to God's voice. Joshua and Gary explore what being wise and yet also 'poor in spirit' practically looks like for each one of us.

Key Points from the Podcast

•  Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West share briefly about their time at the Fire in Our Bones conference, where the Word of God was preached boldly and clearly, accompanied by powerful times of worship.

•  A group of young people in Cuba read the book of Acts and spent days fasting and praying until the Holy Spirit fell on them. That fire of God has now spread to many other Methodist churches in Cuba.

•  Pastor, your congregation doesn’t want more gimmicks and the latest fads. They want a genuine encounter with Jesus.

•  Revival begins in the heart when a Christian hungers and thirsts for righteousness, repents of sin, and asks God to remove every idol from their life.

•  You don’t have to run all over the country seeking revival. God can bring personal revival to a humble and contrite heart wherever they may be.

•  Revival implies a condition of declension that needs to be revived. What if we lived with God in such a way that we didn’t need reviving?

•  Many of us have an expectation of what revival should look like, but in scripture we see many types of revival—in Acts 2 the Holy Spirit moves powerfully, a revival of God’s Word happens with King Josiah in 2 Kings 22, obedience revives when idols and high places were torn down, the revival that Gideon experienced, etc.

•  As followers of Christ, we should be praying regularly for revival and awakening.

Bible Verses Referenced in the Podcast

Matthew 3:8; Isaiah 66:1–2; Acts 2, 2 Kings 22; Judges 6–8; Acts 3:19–20

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

•  Fire in His Bones
A Collection of the Fifty Most Powerful Sermons of David Wilkerson

•  Books by Joshua West

About Joshua West

Joshua West serves as the Church Leadership Network Director at World Challenge helping equip and empower pastors all over the world. Joshua’s desire is to raise up ministers who will correctly and boldly preach the word with passion and integrity. The point of all his work and writings is to preach the gospel, glorify God and to teach sound doctrine.
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About Gary Wilkerson

Gary Wilkerson is the President of World Challenge, an international mission organization that was founded by his father, David Wilkerson. He is also the Founding Pastor of The Springs Church, which he launched in 2009 with a handful of people. He has traveled nationally and internationally at conferences and conducted mission ventures such as church planting, starting orphanages, clinics, feeding programs among the poorest of the poor and the most unreached people of the earth. Gary and his wife Kelly have four children and live in Colorado Springs, CO.

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