Social Media Missions Downloads

Social Media Downloads

Thank you so much for being a faithful partner with us here at World Challenge Missions. All credit of anything we do goes back to you, our donors and supporters. While partnering with us financially is a great blessing, we would also love to partner with you on social media. We would love it if you would advocate for World Challenge Missions on your social media.

Attached here, you can find various photos that you can share in either your Instagram and Facebook stories or directly on your feeds.

Photos for Stories

a. Twelve photos attached
b. Six different options
c. Choose two matching ones for your stories.
     i. Remember to tag @WorldChallengeMissions in both slides.
     ii. In the “Because…” story photo, write out a quick reason for why you support World Challenge Missions.

Mission Share Story 1a
Mission Share Story 1b
Mission Share Story 2a
Mission Share Story 2b
Mission Share Story 3a
Mission Share Story 3b
Mission Share Story 4a
Mission Share Story 4b
Mission Share Story 5a
Mission Share Story 5b
Mission Share Story 6a
Mission Share Story 6b

Photos to Post in Your Feed or Status Update

a. There are ten photos attached.
b. Share these photos directly to your Social Media platform.
c. Add your reason for why you support World Challenge Missions in the post description.
d. Remember to tag @WorldChallengeMissions in your posts.

Mission Share Post 1
Mission Share Post 2
Mission Share Post 3
Mission Share Post 4
Mission Share Post 5
Mission Share Post 6
Mission Share Post 7
Mission Share Post 8
Mission Share Post 9
Mission Share Post 10

You can also forgo the options that are shared here and just re-share one of our posts directly to your stories as well.

Again, thank you so much for partnering with us financially. We would love for you to take the next step and partner with us by advocating for our mission as well. We look forward to connecting with you on social media soon!