Growing Food and Faith in Impoverished Brazil

Benjamin Demblowski

The world may not see the desperate circumstances of the rural poor—but God has not forgotten these precious ones.  We have prayed for new opportunities to bring gospel hope to Latin America, and we were blessed to be introduced to Pedro, Cassia, and Robson in tiny Red Malhada, Brazil.

These passionate church leaders were excited to show us some of the humble farming projects they started to benefit their entire community.  Such outreaches are an important part of our vision at World Poverty Solutions (WPS), a ministry of World Challenge.  Yet, equally important is spiritual transformation—and it happens through faithful servants like these three.

Before we even got to their growing fields, Pedro, Cassia, and Robson were eager to introduce us to some folks within their “fields of influence.”  One was Julio.  As we entered his home, Julio beamed with a smile that filled the room with joy.  No one could tell that just a year earlier he was addicted to alcohol, coming home in rags after drinking away all the money he earned.  In those dark days, Pedro and Cassia taught Julio’s daughter how to pray, and she immediately began interceding for her father.  As we talked, tears streamed down her face.  She was still overwhelmed by how God answered her prayers for her father—how he is free from his addiction and lovingly serving his family the way God intended.

Afterward, we viewed the farming projects the church leaders started.  They explained that because of the deep relationships they foster in the village, the land had been donated by some community members.  Now verdant dragon fruit fields, coconut farms, and chive plants help in the transformation of a community in Jesus’ name.

At WPS, we partner with faithful servants like Pedro, Cassia, and Robson to accomplish works that feed both body and soul.  And your prayers and gifts help us to equip leaders so they can continue expanding such beautiful harvests of physical and spiritual fruit.  Please continue to pray for gospel impact in Latin America.  If you would like to support these efforts, please make an online gift through our secure donation form.  Thank you – you’re helping to make a difference in the world’s neediest regions!

* Pictured in the photo: Robson, Julio and his family, Cassia, the WPS team, and Pedro outside of Julio’s home.