Gary Wilkerson – President

Gary Wilkerson

Gary Wilkerson is an author, public speaker and the president of World Challenge Inc., an international ministry organization founded by his father, David Wilkerson. He has traveled to speak at mission leadership conferences in 70 different countries and supported church planting, relief and evangelism among some of the most unreached people groups on earth.

A CrossFit enthusiast, Gary often hikes the Rocky Mountains’ breathtaking front range in Colorado. He and his wife, Kelly, live in Colorado Springs with their four children and nine grandchildren.  




Gary Wilkerson has served more than 40 years in ministry and is currently the president of World Challenge. He has written three books, travels to encourage pastors worldwide and hosts a podcast to address the tough questions that trip up many believers.


After ministering at pastors' conferences with his father around the world, Gary began pastors' conferences with the desire to encourage pastors to encourage and strengthen them. He invites other trusted pastors, such as Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church, Pastor Claude Houde of Nouvelle Vie and Pastor Jim Cymbala of Brooklyn Tabernacle to help encourage pastors and leaders around the globe. Gary, along with World Challenge, partners with local churches to organize these conferences to effectively reach local church leaders.


In 2009, Gary Wilkerson planted a church in Colorado Springs. As exemplified by his various ministry associations, Gary has always had the heart and calling of a shepherd. This church has been the fulfillment of something God placed on his heart years ago. God’s commission to this church is that believers would be the hands and feet of Christ to the lost and hurting in this city. You can find more information about The Springs Church on their website.


God of the Impossible...People of the Impossible

A Devotional by Gary Wilkerson


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Gary Wilkerson Podcast

This weekly podcast follows Gary’s personal journey to understand God’s favor and the ways his personal life has changed as a result. It also explores the issues God has laid on Gary’s heart for those who are struggling to match their understanding of grace and divine love with the daily realities of life.

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God's Favor

In his book, Gary Wilkerson demonstrates through personal stories how God's benefits take two forms: his constant assuring presence and his tangible blessings. Both the spiritual and the physical resources are not only for our own good, but also so that we may begin to heal a hurting, unbelieving world.