Faith Answers Videos

In this video, Evan Wilkerson explains how every Christian can learn to listen to God by studying scripture, practicing obedience and exercising patience.

Evan Wilkerson looks at how we can learn to trust in God through any circumstances.

In this video, Evan Wilkerson explains four ways that anyone can develop deeper faith.

Evan Wilkerson investigates the three major reasons why teenagers choose to walk away from God.

In this video, Evan Wilkerson looks at the Bible, Jesus, and the foundations of the Christian faith.

Evan Wilkerson explores some ways that we can learn to recognize and use those gifts.

Evan Wilkerson encourages believers to trust in God, even when his plan is not obvious. Purpose can be found in unlikely place.

Evan Wilkerson explains what it means to belong to God and fit in as part of his family.