Expressing the Completeness of Christ

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

Romans 11:17-19 says that we are grafted as wild olive branches into Christ, the holy tree and root. The same Spirit and power that was in him enables and quickens us. We sit like Christ at the right hand of God by faith. How do we know our sins are forgiven? By faith alone. We take God's word for it and are in turn blessed with peace of mind.

So it is with God’s power. We must take his word that his power is now at work in us, causing us to will and to do of his good pleasure. He empowers us to face our weakness with faith that he will help us walk in obedience.

The paralyzed man who stood, walked and carried his bed is a type of the believer who has mastery over sin. What an expression of Christ's power he was! Just think of the hope his faith and healing must have given to all who were helpless and in need.

Isn't this what God is after today? Is he not seeking triumphant believers who will show the world how Christ completely delivers us from the clutches of sin?

Those around us should see believers who live above the lusts and pleasures of this world. Our society desperately needs more men and women who love their spouses and are faithful, parents who nurture and train their children in the ways of the Lord, and young people who practice purity and separation from all that defiles.

We have enough Christian resources. What we do not have enough of are Christians who truly show who Jesus is. There is a shortage of those of whom it can be said, “There goes a Christian who really expresses who Jesus Christ is! There is one who has nothing to promote and nothing to prove but Christ, risen and glorified. There stands a person who shines with the beauty and simplicity of the Lord. There is one who has what I'd like to have, a reality that cannot be denied.”

This should become the one and only goal of our lives: to fulfill God's intention, to be a witness who expresses the fullness and completeness of Christ.