Strong Arms to Help the Least of These

Roger Hayslip

Rescuing and Sheltering “Toss-aways” Worldwide

Imagine yourself a young boy with a severe physical disability. Your parents make it clear they don’t want you. Eventually, your mother sells you to passing gypsies for a pitiful price.

In turn, those gypsies sell you to the Russian mob, who force you and similar children to beg on the streets all day. Your captors strip away some of your clothes to fully expose your physical deformity, so passersby will be more inclined to give to you. Every night, you’re forced to give your earnings to a ruthless boss. You literally have no hope—no one to advocate for you, and nowhere to turn for help. You want to die.

This is a true story, about a real child our ministry has helped to rescue. It’s just one of many soul-wrenching scenarios that World Challenge Missions sees in our outreaches to the oppressed worldwide. We know from experience that God doesn’t turn a deaf ear to the desperate. He sends willing servants who are able to go, while others offer support with financial gifts and still others intercede in prayer. Today, the bright, intelligent young man we helped lives happily in a Christ-centered facility specially set up for young people with disabilities. His innate tech savvy enables him to repairs phones even without access to proper parts, earning him a modest income. More importantly, his God-blessed dignity has been restored.

World Challenge Missions seeks to fulfill Jesus’ mandate to care for “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40) through direct outreaches and ministry partnerships worldwide. These include a special home for exploited children in Central Asia; loving homes for orphans in Africa, India and Latin America; homes for abandoned widows and the elderly throughout eastern Europe; a special-needs home for “throwaway” youngsters behind the Islamic curtain; shelters and food-and-clothing centers aiding refugees in nations immediately surrounding Iraq, Syria and North Korea; and emergency crisis relief for victims of natural disasters overseas and in the U.S.

With your support, multitudes are shown love, dignity and care by those who represent Christ. If you would like to help, please use our secure online donation form. And thank you for your loving prayers and generous gifts, making these displays of God’s awesome love possible!