Good Life Companies Give Back

Nancy Lennert

World Challenge’s partners in the United States are joining together with local companies to bless their communities. 

During the early part of the COVID pandemic, the CEO of Good Life Companies approached World Challenge’s partners in Reading, Pennsylvania with a heart to give back to the community.

His heartfelt thought was to financially infuse capital into several local restaurants for the purposes of not only helping these local businesses during a tough time but also ultimately helping people who were struggling financial and relationally due to  COVID-19.

Stronger Working Together

Not only were Good Life Companies and our partners able to bless many churches and people through this generous act, but Good Life Companies was also able to bless the local restaurants that were paid to prepare a total of 1,000 dinners for the week. Despite their own financial challenges due to COVID-19, the restaurants went above and beyond to provide wonderful meals, even contributing many extra sides.

Because of our partners’ long-standing relationship with several churches in the Reading area, they were able to coordinate with these churches to create six different food drop-offs where the restaurants could deliver the meals.

Local churches also provided distribution for these specially prepared dinners in their neighborhoods. Along with the dinners, church leaders were able to make special house visits to minister to those who were suffering from a lack of relational connection because of COVID-19 precautions. Prayer was offered along with encouragement and love. One church even offered free Christian books to anyone who was interested.

Feeding the Community

This endeavor was tremendously successful for all parties involved. Our partners differ from other organizations that focus solely on relief. We are an organization that not only focuses on community development but also believes that change will be accomplished by the church with the help of people and organizations that want to see God’s love spread and make an impact on people’s lives.

Our partners were so pleased to be able to join together with other organizations to find creative ways to answer community-wide needs using local resources, all the while helping individuals succeed and grow.

Additionally, many of the individuals who came for the meals were not connected with a church, so Christ’s love was shown to these not-yet believers! This special give-back event opened up opportunities for our partners to build relationships with neighbors and act out their believe that we are called to feed the stomach, soul and spirit all in Jesus’ name.