A Stirring for a New Generation

Gary Wilkerson

Before beginning this year, with over 20 pastors’ and leadership conferences scheduled, I prayed earnestly that God would anoint the message and mightily stir the hearts of God’s called ministers. I didn’t want to just preach a nice word and receive pleasant applause but have nothing of real transformation ensue. I wanted to see a move of God in these pastors, churches and even nations.

The re-launching of our pastors’ conferences took place in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. The churches are small with very few pastors. They were hoping to gather 40-80 pastors in each country. But, praise God, we saw 150-200 pastors in each of our meetings! The presence of God was overwhelming, altars were full and God truly moved in these precious pastors’ hearts. Now I believe new things, good things, God-ordained things will emanate through them.

One young leader told me that they were tired of trying to be relevant, hip and cool. They’re desperate for a serious, sober and powerful move of God. They long for God’s presence, purity and power not the gimmicks, how-to’s and light fluff often proposed and modeled by American churches.

From here we’re on to a pastors’ conference in Lima, Peru and three gatherings in the US – Columbus, GA; Bakersfield, CA; and Riverside, CA. I would be so very grateful if you would pray that these times become so anointed and full of God’s presence that lives would be forever transformed.