A Call for Help

Nicky Cruz

"A Call For Help" is a powerful sermon by Nicky Cruz, addressing the challenges and realities of ministry and the transformative power of God's intervention in the darkest moments. Drawing from his extensive experience in ministry and personal encounters with spiritual mentors like David Wilkerson, Cruz underscores the relentless struggle and the profound need for divine guidance in serving God's purpose. He uses the story of Elisha and the desperate plea for divine intervention in a time of crisis as a metaphor for the contemporary need for God's presence in ministry and personal life. Through vivid personal anecdotes and biblical references, Cruz emphasizes the importance of being a beacon of hope and a conduit for God's voice in a world rife with spiritual confusion and moral decay.

Key Points:
• Ministry Challenges: Cruz shares candid insights into the hardships faced in ministry, debunking the notion of a trouble-free service to God.

• Divine Intervention: Highlighting the story of Elisha, Cruz illustrates the critical moments when seeking God's guidance is imperative for overcoming challenges.

• Spiritual Mentorship: Through his relationship with David Wilkerson, Cruz showcases the impact of spiritual mentorship in navigating the complexities of faith and ministry.

• Unwavering Faith: Emphasizing the need for steadfast faith and obedience, Cruz calls for a relentless pursuit of God's will, even in the face of adversity.

• Call for Revival: With a passionate plea for revival, Cruz urges believers to seek God earnestly for renewal and empowerment, highlighting the desperate need for spiritual awakening in America and beyond.