Seats of Honor for “The Least of These”

Gary Wilkerson

Caring for the Abandoned Elderly in former Soviet Bloc Nations

Hannah (not her real name) was crying uncontrollably when she arrived at House of Hope. Life as she knew it had just ended. Her adult son, whom she adopted as a boy, was driving Hannah somewhere when he suddenly stopped the car, shoved his elderly mother out, and disappeared from her life.

Sadly, this kind of tragic scene isn’t uncommon in the smaller, poor nations of the former Soviet Bloc. But thanks to your help, Hannah landed in the best possible hands. House of Hope in Armenia is a warm, safe, love-filled residence for the outcast elderly, whose numbers are growing. Run by Director Veronika Hunanyan, House of Hope provides Hannah with more than a comfortable bed and healthy meals. It offers the loving attention of a devoted Christian staff—and a beaming welcome from other residents spared the hardships of elderly life in this country. The ministry also reaches shut-ins and elderly homeless people, serving them fresh bread from its bakery and offering prayer and discipleship.

Hannah at House of Hope

House of Hope is just one effort by World Challenge Missions to reach the world’s most vulnerable populations with Jesus’ love (see Matthew 25:40). A similar ministry takes place in Moldova, where Sarata-Galbena Senior Home houses and feeds elderly outcasts. The home is a ministry of Sarata-Galbena Pentecostal Church, which also houses young adults with mental or physical disabilities; operates a bakery to feed the poor; offers after-school tutoring; and serves lunches to impoverished children, some of whom have no other meal that day. Pastor Viktor Kulyak and his wife, Luda, joyfully open their arms to people who have endured the harshest lives imaginable. Through your support, abused and abandoned seniors are being showered with dignity and honor for the remainder of their days on earth.

These are vital ministries in a region where the need is vast and ongoing. Both Armenia and Moldova suffer from “brain drain,” as their brightest, most skilled young people leave their homelands to seek a better life. Meanwhile, pension systems are inadequate for the expanding elderly populations, leaving more seniors on the streets. Your prayers and support are helping shine a beacon of hope to the destitute elderly. If you’d like to help, donate through our secure online donation form. Thank you for making a lasting difference in the lives of “the least of these” so dear to God’s heart!