Renovating the Heart of Kingdom Leaders - Part 13

An Invitation to Risk

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Sam Jolman returns to the Gary Wilkerson Podcast for a conversation on trauma and the process of healing. He offers practical advice on how to navigate the complicated relationship between vulnerability, healing and community.

Key Points from the Podcast

  • Trauma can be anything in life that has wounded your heart, whether it was something that happened to you that shouldn’t have or something that should have happened but didn’t.

  • Intimacy and healing require vulnerability, which literally means able to be wounded.

  • The realm of evil is always trying to get us to accept accusations about ourselves and live in shame.

  • Your current issues and struggles are often connected to past trauma, your story.

  • Listening to someone is often more helpful in their healing journey than offering advice.

  • Evil is not limitless in its power, so it needs to be resourceful, which means the enemy will try to plant lies and accusations that are believable.

  • If you are facing accusations, don’t just try to stop believing them, but take some time to ask why that accusation might be so believable to you.

  • Sometimes we repent of the wrong things. For example, a man struggling with pornography may repent of his sexual desire, but God gave him that desire.

  • Healing takes place in community, but there is no completely safe community out there. Sharing your struggles with others requires risk.

  • As a Christian, even in the darkest and most despairing situation there is always hope because we serve the God who resurrected from the dead.

Bible Verses Referenced in the Podcast

Isaiah 61 

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About Sam Jolman

Sam is a therapist and writer who helps people get life back. As a Licensed Professional Counselor I specialize in men’s issues, marriage counseling, and sexual abuse recovery. Though in my 20 years of experience, I’ve walked with many people through a broad range of very important personal and relational struggles.

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About Gary Wilkerson

Gary Wilkerson is the President of World Challenge, an international mission organization that was founded by his father, David Wilkerson. He is also the Founding Pastor of The Springs Church, which he launched in 2009 with a handful of people. He has traveled nationally and internationally at conferences and conducted mission ventures such as church planting, starting orphanages, clinics, feeding programs among the poorest of the poor and the most unreached people of the earth. Gary and his wife Kelly have four children and live in Colorado Springs, CO.

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