Health & Medical

Health & Medical

Sickness caused by diseases such as typhoid, malaria and HIV, or stunted growth in young children caused by poor diets, can often be prevented. When people follow cultural practices or advice from community healers that don’t treat the actual disease, medical conditions often worsen. Our aim is to teach easy, free or inexpensive, scientifically proven methods to prevent common diseases from occurring. In most societies, women are the bedrock of stability and learning in the home. Our Women’s Health curriculum is designed to address a plethora of topics related to the well-being of the mother. Similarly, our Neonatal Health curriculum coaches’ parents on how to care for a newborn child with information ranging from proper breastfeeding to the importance of proper height and weight dimensions and everything in between. Other topics like emotional care and Coronavirus prevention are also covered.

In parts of Asia where Christians are not typically welcomed, World Challenge partners are building relationships and sharing the good news.

Believers in South Asia are working to be a sweet aroma among their neighbors but most of all to their Father in heaven.

God revealed himself as the divine and loving healer to a woman and her grandson and, as a result, many of her neighbors.

How often are we willing to trust God to provide for major things in our lives?