To Love an Enemy

Roger Hayslip

Courageous Home Missionaries in the Middle East

Growing up in Egypt, Magdy was often treated harshly by his Muslim-majority peers.  His family, who are Christian, were derided as second-class citizens—and were called much worse.  The last thing Magdy wanted as an adult was to be surrounded by people hostile to his faith.  Yet that’s exactly where Jesus called him to be.

Magdy and his wife, Rima, are revered by their Muslim neighbors today.  Supported in part by World Challenge, they live in Israel where they minister specifically to Muslim Palestinians in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the West Bank.  Their decades of marriage, ministry, and mature walk have drawn hundreds to Jesus.  But it didn’t happen without a cost.

As a young working man, Magdy had a well-paying job.  And he was surrounded by a loving Christian community.  But Magdy couldn’t shake the sense God was calling him to minister to those who opposed Jesus.  Despite deep reservations and lingering trauma, Magdy knew the Lord was calling him to take the gospel to—indeed, to live among—the same sort of people who caused him so much pain growing up.

So Magdy walked away from the comforts God had blessed him with: a dream job, financial security, and his supportive Christian community. He and Rima, a Jordanian Christian who shared his calling, knew they were uniquely equipped for a mission field where few could go.

Amazingly, Israel allowed the couple to reside in the country as foreigners from Arabic-Muslim countries.  It was a move clearly orchestrated by God: No Palestinian evangelist would be afforded the freedom of movement—and ministry—within Israel that Magdy and Rima enjoy.  As a result, countless former Muslims call Jesus Lord, pointing to Magdy and Rima as their spiritual parents.  Over the years, these spiritual children have taken Christ’s gospel into many parts of the Middle East.

We’re humbled to help support a couple who allowed Jesus to reverse their lives in order to bless those who hated them.  Thank you for your partnership in prayer and financial gifts to see Christ’s Good News breaking into regions where he’s needed most.  To give, use our secure online donation form.  You are helping to reach the “least of these” in Jesus’ name.