He Chose to be Your Father

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

Some Christians are constantly overcome by fear. Some are always despondent while others wallow in guilt, afraid they will never have victory over sin. They fear losing their job, their health, their family. They have absolutely no peace, joy or rest. That is when I hear Jesus asking, “Have I been with you this long and yet you do not see? Do you still not know God as your Father?”

Out of your intimacy with Christ must come a revelation that you have a Father in heaven who has painstakingly shown you what he is like and what he longs to be to you!

He chose to be your Father. You did not choose him, he chose you. Is God ruler of heaven and earth? Is he almighty? Omnipotent? Does he sit king of the flood? The answer to all those questions is a resounding yes. But in these last days, God wants you to have another revelation of him — he wants you to understand that you are his son or daughter.

When Jesus walked the earth he lived every hour under the sunlight of his Father’s love, never in confusion, never in doubt. Therefore, he could face anything the enemy threw at him — any hardship, any trial — because he knew his Father was with him. He could say, “My Father sent me; he chose me and appointed me and he is always with me. I am never alone!”

Your Father tells you, “I want to hover over you, to be your protector, to supply every need, to see you through all your trials. I choose to be a Father to you, so accept my love.”

God chose to be your Father on the basis of love and mercy alone. There is no other condition. He did not wait until you were good enough or had all your doctrine figured out. No, he said, “Even when you were lost in sin, I loved you.”